Local Epidemic News


Many frightened locals in the rural area of TennesVille, Washington have been reporting sightings of hostile humanoid creatures near on the grounds of a recently abandoned research facility. Although it is unknown why the facility was abandoned, the government is currently conducting an investigation on the area and has issued a quarantine on the area spanning a three block radius. They are in the process of fencing off the area to seal it off from the public. Currently in the dark, the locals are panicking in fear of what is to come. More on this topic in the future as events unfold.


An update on the situation has just come in, and it seems that the government has been in the dark in the situation for weeks now. A week after the arrival of the armed investigation team, communications with the team has been cut off. We have gotten word that a rescue team has been deployed to extract the lost investigation team. Residents have already been evacuated to a nearby safe camp. The last traces of the now lost investigation team was a distress call calling for military back up. It seems that there may be a hostile threat in the area, but the government has given a statement telling us that they have the situation under control.


It seems that communications with the rescue team has confirmed that there is an imminent safety hazard at hand. There has been a virus outbreak in The TennesVille county that is spreading like wildfire. Upon arrival of the rescue team, as Sergeant Willis puts it,As we landed at the extraction point, we were greeted with a disastrous sight. Humans were eating humans, and there must have been a couple dozen walking corpses walking towards us. We began to open fire, but they wouldn't fall. We all rushed back into the helicopter as we watched the other squad copter get overrun by these.....monsters. They closed on us fast, and Captain Lasky tried to hold them off as we boarded. In the end, we had to leave three good men behind to get mauled by the undead. This just in, evacuation of the area is in process and quarantine of the infected area has been enforced. All schools have been shut down and all civilians are to leave the country. More on this news when we get an update.


All efforts of containment has failed, as the military struggle to battle the undead. The undead virus has spread across the west, and it seems that an apocalypse is at hand. One of our co-editors has passed already. There will be no further updates after this one. Get to safety. The government has set up safe military outposts for evac and housing. Your family is your priority. we urge you to run. We are all doomed as everyone has realized that this cannot be contained. The virus is airborne and there have been reports of outbreaks across the world. This is the last we will update.

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