My Dream Keyboard

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This keyboard is the Leoppold FC600C. The "C" in this keyboard stands for Capacitive, because this keyboard is a hybrid-mechanical capacitive keyboard, which drives up the price insanely. The keyboard has a 66-key layout, which ditches the function keys, the numberpad, and the page up and page down keys, creating a smaller and more ergonomic shape. To me, the layout and the type of swithes is perfect. They use Topre electro capacitive keys, which is a type of switch (technically not mechanical) that has a stem that pushes down and makes contact with a sheet of rubber dome with conical springs under them. They have native N-Key rollover, meaning you can smash you head against the keyboard and all the keys will register. Anyway, the plastic shell on the FC660C is made of PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) plastic, which is the strongest and most durable plastic you can find on any given keyboard. The keyboard also comes with thick PBT keycaps which have dye-sublimated legends.

Some pictures of a CUSTOM FC660C!

These wonderful pictures look different, don't they? Well that's because they all have custom keycaps! It's actually very tricky to actually put on some custon keycaps on any given Topre board, because of the shape of the stems. Topre boards use a circular stem, while cherry keycaps are only compatible with the cross-shaped stem. Well to make my perfect dream keyboard I would need to modify the stems so that they are compatible with the Cherry keycaps. First, you will need a whole lotta topre/cherry stems that look like this -

Then, I would need to take apart the keyboard, take out all of the topre stems and replace them with the cherry/topre stems. Then, I would need to lube the stems to make them smoother. Now, after this I would put back together the keyboard and put on some shmexy Laser GMK keycaps (which aren't out BTW) CHECK IT OUT

My last step would be buying a good braided cable!