Bl2 Vault Hunters Legendaries BL3

The Best Legendary Weapons in BL2

Picrure Manufacturer Item Type Model Name Dropped By Location
Bandit Assault Rifle Madhous! Mad Dog Lynchwood
Dahl Assault Rifle Veruc Mobley The Dust
Jakobs Assault Rifle Hammer Buster McNally The Dust
Torgue Assault Rifle KerBlaster Midge-Mong Southern Shelf-Bay
Vladof Assault Rifle Shredifier Pyro Pete the Invincible Pyro Pete's bar
Bandit Repeater Rifle Gub Laney White The Fridge
Dahl Repeater Pistol Hornet Knuckle Dragger Southern Shelf
Jakobs Pistol Maggie Mick Zaford The Dust
Maliwan Repeater Pistol Thunderball Fists Captain Flynt Southern Shelf
Torgue Pistol Unkempt Harold Savage Lee Three Horns - Divide
Vladof Repeater Pistol Infinity Doc Mercy Three Horns - Valley and The Raid on Digistruct Peak
Hyperion Repeater Pistol Logan's Gun Whelm End of the Line
Tediore Repeater Pistol Gunerang Rakkman The Fridge
Bandit Rocketlancher Badaboom King Mong Eridium Blight
Maliwan Rocket Launcher Pyrophobia Incinerator Clayton Frostburn Canyon
Tediore Rocket Launcher Bunny Chubby Enemies Any Location
Hyperion Shotgun Conference Call The Warrior Vault of the Warrior
Jakobs Combat Shotgun Striker Old Slappy The Highlands - Outwash
Tediore Shotgun Deliverance Tumbaa Wild Life Exploitation Preserve
Bandit Shotgun Sledge's Shotgun Smash-Head The Fridge
Dahl Sniper Rifle Pitchfork Terramorphous the Invinclible Terramorphous Peak
Hyperion Sniper Rifle Invader Saturn Arid Nexus - Badlands and The Raid on Digistruct Peak
Maliwan Sniper Rifle Volcano The Warrior Vault of the Warrior
Bandit Submachine Gun Slagga Tector and Jimbo Hodunk The Dust
Dahl Submachine Gun Emperer Wot, Oney, Reeth, or Rouf Southpaw Steam and Power and The Raid on Digistruct Peak
Tediore Submachine Gun Baby Maker Madame Von Bartlesby Tundra Express