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The original crowbar that we use to clone other wellmade and high quality crowbars. Before he worked here, he was a partner to Gordon Freeman As one of the original members of our foundation, Crowbar 1 (As we call him) layed down a base for our production line and to this day takes care of quality control and shipment plans. Crowbar 1 enjoys hot oil baths at the end of a stressful day, and has 2 baby crowbars with his wife, Georgene. Crowbar 1's favorite food? Well, that would be steel springrolls to keep his iron levels high. Age - 45, Status - Married, two children, Has Been Working Here - 20 years

This is Joe, our test dummy. Don't say that to his face, he is very sensitive to racial slurs. Instead, we call him our Quality Control Model. Joe was one of the first employees hired to our team and has since been working here for 14 whole years. Decribing Joe's job is difficult, as he doesn't really DO anything but stands on his red target from morning until lunch, or until we have to start replacing some of his limbs. Joe likes to eat the Sauteed stuffings of teddy bears to maintain his shape through the rough beatings. Age - 35, Status - Single, ready to mingle

This is Bob, one of our beloved founders. At a young age he loved opening crates, but he would constantly need to replace his faulty crowbars. One day, he looked at his filthy pile of crowbars in spite and spent 3 years looking for Gordon Freeman and his alien-smashing crowbar. Bob is in control of everything physically crowbar related, from production to shipment. As one of the founding members, Bob has been working at the company for 21 years. He loves to spend his afternoon in his artificial sunset beach, and occasionally crowbar fight with Gordon. Age - 71, Status - Married, two children, has been working here - 21 years.

This is Gordon Freeman, the other founder of the company. After Half-life 2, Gordon was living in retirement with Crowbar 1 in their nuclear fallout bunker. They never intended to be found, but when Bob showed up proposing an idea to start a crowbar-making company, they were all about the idea. Today, Gordon works hand in hand with steel melting companies and 3D Steel Printing corporations to mass produce the award winning Crowbar 1-GF. Gordon found himself a virtual reality bunker to live out the rest of his life after he went out of retirement and now poses as the face of the company. Hailed for his heroics, Gordon tours around the world and is working toward a new company. Aperture Science 2. No one really knows what his favorite food is, because whenever we ask Crowbar 1 her responds with vulgar cat jokes. Age - 75, Status - Single, Has been working here - 21 years.